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      How Common Is ABDL In The World?

      Who is ABDL? Is ABDL Common? - PretendAgain
      ABDL's are in all careers, demographics and span the globe. ABDL is a large sub-community that has managed to cultivate families of normative acceptance around the lifestyle. So, then how common is ABDL in the world?...

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      Let Pretenders Speak For Us!

      55 reviews
      She loved it OwO

      Mommy 100% loved this mug <3 it makes us both smile so much whenever I see her drinking out of it!!! Thank youu!


      perfect tea mug. 10/10

      Fast shipping and beautiful!!

      Omg this is so beautiful. I absolutely love it. It was a birthday gift for me and it's perfect!! I'm in love with it and now I can pretend I'm a Big Kid too.

      Did you set it to wumbo?

      Picked up the biggest size they had,
      Fits my desk just purrrfectly.
      Very colorful and nice mousepad texture.
      Patterns are a plus~
      Well done~

      Great for Espresso/Americanos

      Love this thing so much! It's super cute, looks just like the picture! It keeps my iced americanos cold for hours.