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      How Common Is ABDL In The World?

      ABDL's are in all careers, demographics and span the globe. ABDL is a large sub-community that has managed to cultivate families of normative acceptance around the lifestyle. So, then how common is ABDL in the world?...

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      Tips for ABDL "Play" When You Can't Go Outside

      Between the endless inside recess, the six millionth video loop on your phone, and just dying for your next change to have something to do, we believe you can find a way to go play! Below are some handy tips for your next PretendAdventure...

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      ★ Reviews

      Let Pretenders Speak For Us!

      61 reviews

      They fit perfectly, look great, and are surprisingly warm and comfortable.

      Very adorable

      These fit so well!!!!

      Supper cute!!!

      These fit so well and are supper cute!!!

      Super cute design

      I love these undies. I’m slowly collecting more colors and this is the second pair I’ve bought. They stay vibrant even after several washes and are great to wear when I just wanna look big for whatever reason. The design covers the whole garment, even with a little accent strip between the legs. A+!

      Who needs pants when you’ve got fruit dragons on yer bum?

      These undies may be lime but they definitely won’t leave you sour! They are so soft and cute, I want to wear them all the time! They run larger than the toy boxers and have a nice wide cut in the crotch, so they’re actually perfect as a cover for my secret space pants!

      Basically, they’re the most comfortable undies ever so get you a pair PRONTO!!