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      How can I get help with my order?

      Customer Service is open from 8am to 5pm Pacific Time on Weekdays. We aim to reply to most messages within 24 hours, though more complex requests can take up to 48 hours for an initial reply.

      You can contact us one of several ways:


      Support on social media was available, but to make sure we give you the best service, we now offer support only via email. This helps us be sure we don’t miss messages on other networks.

      Phone support is not available at this time, but we do read our emails!

      To help save time, include your order number. DO NOT include your order number in a tweet - only direct messages! Pictures and clear descriptions of your order needs will help us help you faster.

      I am a representative for another company and would like to discuss marketing or other business opportunities with you. How can I contact you?

      Thank you for your interest in PretendAgain! We are not accepting inquiries on marketing, distribution, or other partnerships at this time. Any unsolicited offers will not be responded to, sorry.  

      I received an order I didn't place, can I learn more about where it came from?

      Wow! Someone must really like you - you're so lucky! (And we're jealous!) We aren't able to discuss order details with anyone other than the purchaser, sorry. Please note this also includes being unable to confirm any details to any partners, family, spouses, friends, etc. 

      My order arrived damaged or is incorrect. What should I do?

      Email us! Please note, incorrect sizing is not something we can correct after you receive your order so double check before you check out.

      Where can I find cleaning and care directions for my PretendAgain toys?

      We've made a neato page with a list of each product and how to care for them. Check it out!

      Where can I learn about what is coming out next from PretendAgain?

      Check here:

      I have an idea for a product! Can I tell you?

      We’re always interested in general feedback for what types of products you would like to see next, but we cannot accept specific proposals for products. We are working on ways to get the community involved in helping choose category types, so check here later! You can always @GoPretendAgain on twitter and tell us what you hope to see. Who knows what may happen!

      Do you offer other services, such as babysitting?

      Nope, sorry. Only adult standing. But really, none of the above.

      Can I visit you at a physical location?

      Not at this time. Storefronts be expensive, yo!

      ¿Ofreces ayuda en Español?

      Si! Nuestro servicio al cliente en Español esta disponible a cualquier hora por e-mail: servicioalcliente@pretendagain.com.