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      What is PretendAgain?

      PretendAgain is a company founded and run by ABDLs and Diaperfurs/Babyfurs who are interested in expressing their identity in tasteful and practical ways. You can be your inner kid and share it with the world with PretendAgain products.

      We want to provide products that you can use anytime, any place. You may have seen shirts or hats from other companies that are subtle cues to those “in the know”. Imagine a whole world where you can see a bag, a shirt, or shoes and know “Hey, they’re an ABDL, too!” You have permission to be yourself when strutting your PretendAgain outfits and accessories!

      What do you offer for sale?

      We offer ABDL lifestyle products - things you can use in your daily life to keep your inner child smiling! For example, a diaper bag that doubles as a regular backpack and shopping totes you can use at the grocery store with a cute print.

      • Clothing
      • Home Accessories
      • And more! We're looking into new products all the time.

      How often do you release new products?

      We release new toys when they're ready. Sometimes it's hard to hold back from releasing products! For this reason, we have strict policies in place to make sure Quality Assurance is the top priority! Quality Assurance is the reason some products take longer than expected. 


      Do you offer diapers?

      Yes! We offer TryAgains Diapers! Learn more at TryAgainsDiapers.com.

      How are you different than other ABDL companies?

      We’re glad you asked! Here are a few key areas we are different:

      • We aim to provide products you can use in most places. It is our goal to help represent you in every-day products that fill your house, wardrobe, and creatively express your unique identity. In short, our products aim to make you even more YOU!

      • We support and encourage the presence of girls/women into ageplay. Too many products out there do not address the unique needs of girls and non-male genders and we want to show off beautiful contributions from all corners of our community! Check for our “Girls into Ageplay” seal as you shop if you want to support the cause!

      • We strive to work with skilled artists in the community to showcase the diverse creativity hiding behind those blankies and plushies!

      • We want our artists to be the center of attention for their creative work and encourage our artists to sign every product they make for PretendAgain.
      • We are working to create zero net-new single-use plastic in our world. This means we are working as much as we can to remove shrinkwrap, plastic packaging, etc. that winds up in landfills and the ocean. If we can’t eliminate it, we work to use 100% recycled plastic and ensure our plastic can also be recycled easily.

      • We are from the Pacific Northwest and proud of it!

      What’s ABDL?

      ABDL stands for “Adult Baby/Diaper Lover”, a community of people online who are adults who dress as and behave like someone who is a different age. It’s a lot like live action roleplay (LARP) or BDSM power exchanges. ABs usually roleplay for emotional fulfillment, DLs for the sexual side as a kink. Non-furry ABDLs often identify as "Littles", "Mids", and "Bigs". No minors are ever involved.

      What’s Furry?

      A community of people who like anthropomorphic animals (similar to cartoons and movies) and often create their own “fursonas” they vicariously live through on their personal time. Many furries also are ABDLs, or collectively called “babyfurs” or “diaperfurs.” Furries do not always identify as "Littles" or similar and can prefer "cub" or similar.

      Can I work for you? Can I be an influencer?

      If you want us to keep your resume on hand when an opportunity does come up and are an artist, animator, or scriptwriter, send your resume/CV to resume@pretendagain.com We WILL check resumes on-hand before those recently submitted.

      Who did the character arts on your FAQ pages?

      Glad you asked! Our art was done by @li0nsqueezy