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      Pretend Product Reviews ✨

      Based on 116 reviews

      I love it.


      Super pleased with this. Came discreetly packaged and it looks great; exactly as described/as it looks in the photos. And I absolutely love the design of the xylophone with the pride colors - feels nice and "kiddo" without being really obvious. 100% satisfied!

      Best hoodie I own now

      Super comfortable, very cute design and color palette, looking forward to getting more awesome stuff from Pretend Again

      Very comfy boxer briefs

      These boxer briefs are excellent. They fit me very well and are quite comfortable.

      Cray Cray Hat
      Alexander Peixoto (Ontario)
      Amazing hat

      Super cool an stylish:D

      Great diaper bag

      It’s an awesome everyday bag for little gear an diapers and is super cute

      LOVE this new shirt!

      Shirt is very soft and cute. Fits me very well. I'm quite surprised with the quality of softness. Could not ask for anything better than this.

      BIG Friends Shirt - Pony
      Stormy Shepherd (Minnesota)

      This shirt is great. The fit is perfect, and the design is super amazing.

      Great quality

      I bought the team trash desk mat, it's well made and super cute.

      Game Changer: Game Changer T-Shirt
      William Davis (Texas)
      Perfect for Daddies!

      Nothing says that you support your little one quite like a cute matching shirt set! My little is so excited to wear this set to cons with me! The art is so bright and clear and happy too!

      Simply Pawsome Hoodie
      Milo (Florida)
      Awesome hoodie

      Super soft and super adorable

      BIG Friends Shirt - Puppy
      Christopher (Washington)
      Great Shirt

      I love the shirt it's nice, and soft great for when I'm playing or bedtime. The shirt is really comfortable.

      BIG Friends Shirt - Puppy
      Logan Whitehead (California)
      Perfect Present

      Got it for 2 of my friends, they wore to an ABDL event at CLAW and everyone was so jealous of the shirts. Many now want to get one of their own. The shirts are very comfortable and pretty long.

      So comfortable

      Love how they look and feel great. The on thing I would say is that the ends of the trunks are a little too small around the thighs. However that’s not fault for not reading to get a size larger.

      Simply Pawsome Hoodie
      Baby Bat (Kyiv City)
      Pure joy.

      Really high quality hoodie. Soft and comfy, with a super cute design. I absolutely love it.

      Forest Puppy SnuggleSoft Blanket
      Julian Croucier (California)
      Best blanket ever!

      I mean this is not just the softest blanket ever but one of the cutest! Everyone at the con room party was like "omg where I do I get one of those". ;)

      da cooootes stikers eeeeeeeeee

      der soo coot i use it on my tablet and dwars and fingies

      Summer Playground
      Julian Croucier (California)
      I love

      Everyone loves these blankets!

      Nice but a bit tight

      Got these on M,

      I know that I have bulky legs, but Ive never had this issue with any kind of no boxers: the leg edges fitted like a tight thread strap; instead they should have a more flexible feel.

      Maybe change the contour material around the legs so they’re more flexible? Other than that, cute as heck!

      Wonderful pants! get a size larger

      I love these pants, but I measured for my size and they're a little bit too small in the length department. I'd say get a size bigger than you think you need.

      WONDERFUL Quality

      The shirt is amazing quality and design. Super comfy and the graphic is bold and colorful, no concerns washing it.

      GO Team Rawr!

      It is very soft and comfy! The +1 pocket and +10 charisma bonus when equipped is also great.

      They're super soft and comfortable! I would really reccommend anyone getting them.

      RAWR Pants

      Love the print!, but this cut was a bit too tight for me.

      Too Cute To Stop !

      Looks and wears Great, perfect length !!!!!