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      Pretend Product Reviews ✨

      Based on 159 reviews
      Super cute, pretty comfy, flattened my chest

      It’s made of really comfy material and the print quality is great but the compression hides my boobs. I’m transfemme and I was expecting a bit more lift from this bra. I love it otherwise!

      Purple Premium

      Doggo 🐶 undies 🩲 so soft, it's like your pillowcase. 5/5 would definitely recommend buying! #Pretendagain (From tiwtter)

      Suggestions: The underwear was a little smaller than it said it was, but still fits nicely.

      Gay Crayons Shirt (Toy Pride - 2021)
      C Baker (North Carolina)
      Adorable and super comfortable

      For my first ever Pride shirt I couldn’t have picked a better one. For sleep or play it’s wonderful

      Perfect for cool kids

      This shirt makes me feel little and I love it.

      Soft and warm

      Thise fit nice and snug cute as can be. Be careful when you wash them that you don't lose the string like i did . There warmer then I would like for summer but they will be great this winter. Nice thick soft fabric.

      Cool Kid Hoodie (Fresh Pink)
      Rocky Peñasco (California)
      Good Hoodie 💕

      Hoodie good, hoodie soft, hoodie make me Rocky feel cool, hoodie make diaper look big, oh wait… no that’s just my diaper. And I oop. Still nice hoodie, hoodie good, hoodie cool.

      Adorably awesome

      Cute, comfy, and perfect for both low key little and high key little occasions

      I Sat in Water! - "Oh Woah!" T-Shirt
      Tomas Sokorai (Pennsylvania)
      Very cute shirt!

      Yesterday it was complimented by the FedEx lady bringing me a delivery!

      I really like it, also super soft and fits me great.

      I Sat in Water! - "Oh Woah!" T-Shirt
      Stormy Shepherd (Oregon)

      This shirt is in code. Only us in the know understand it's meaning. So you can walk in public and if someone understands it's meaning you can make a new friend. They will know what the wet thing you sat in is.

      BIG Friends Shirt - Red Panda
      Stormy Shepherd (Oregon)
      super cute!

      This shirt is fantastic. the fit is perfect, and the character is adorable.

      Not Enough Cookies T-Shirt
      Steven Kendell (Newfoundland and Labrador)
      Adorable shirt!

      The shirt feels great, like my everyday shirts. I would wear it all the time. The print is very colourful and clear with no discolouration.

      sooper comfy and great colors!

      BigKid Hat (Blue)
      Fen (Massachusetts)
      Great quality!

      I love my Big Kid hat. Its vague and discrete enough that I feel comfortable wearing it anywhere. And its a really high quality hat!

      My Review

      This shirt is so cute!! It's the first time I've ever ordered something like this and it makes me really happy. I'm on my way to being myself... Thank you so much!

      Absolutely love it

      Makes me feel like a toddler again

      Simply Pawsome Hoodie
      Jarod Jurgen (Saskatchewan)
      Pawsitively Purrfect~!

      Probably the best sweater I own in terms of material quality~! The shipping can take a little while but it's well worth the wait~!


      I'm non-binary myself and I find the bubble mower pattern very cute. The original one I bought was too big, but once I got the right size I've found it to be very cozy and soft.

      Comfy shirt.

      This shirt fits very well and is very comfortable.

      Cute Product

      Very cute and soft product. I enjoy wearing them as much as looking and. Best diaper-cov...err I mean Boxer-briefs I've ever had. ^u^

      Team Rawrrr!

      Very soft and comfy! The fit is a little bit on the snug side, but still great.

      Very Nice Mouse Mat

      This is a really nice mouse mat, nice and soft and. Very smooth, much better then my old dollar mouse mat and much more cute!

      Only cold on the outside

      Very cute design! It is a very soft t-shirt, the print quality is also very good.

      BIG Friends Shirt - Tiger
      Marcus (Östergötland County)

      it's comfy and have a cute design. i recommend getting one and try it yourself.

      BIG Friends Shirt - Red Panda
      Marcus (Östergötland County)

      it's comfy and have a cute design. i recommend getting one and try it yourself.

      BIG Friends Shirt - Puppy
      Marcus (Östergötland County)

      it's comfy and have a cute design. i recommend getting one and try it yourself.