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      Pretend Product Reviews ✨

      Based on 204 reviews
      Napsolutely T-Shirt (OwO / Oh Woah! Shirt)
      Josh Canham (South Australia)
      Cute and comfy.

      The fabric is soft and smooth; the main design is cute and brings a smile to my face when I see it.

      (Side note I'm new to ABDL so this shirt felt like a good starting point but with out exposing myself.)

      Babatender T-Shirt (UwU / Oooh Woo! Shirt)
      Vignir Kristmannsson (Capital Region)

      I have the goal to only wear cute and comfy clothes, PretendAgain fits the bill with both comfort and cute. I do recommend using a quick wash program and not to mix other types of clothes with printed tee shirts.

      Testing Your Patience T-Shirt (UwU / Oooh Woo! Shirt)
      Vignir Kristmannsson (Capital Region)

      I have the goal to only wear cute and comfy clothes, PretendAgain fits the bill with both comfort and cute. I do recommend using a quick wash program and not to mix other types of clothes with printed tee shirts.

      Professor of Paleontology Shirt

      One of the cutest and comfiest shirts I’ve ever had!! A wonderful store with quality products! Can’t wait to see what else is on the way! And will definitely be recommending to all my friends!!!

      Cutest pair of boxers I've ever seen! have you ever considered making basketball shorts?

      I absolutely love these boxers, I bought them because they remind me of undertale. Seriously, these boxers are so freaking cute! if it wouldn't put me on some sort of list, i'd show these boxers off to literally everyone I know I absolutely love them! Finally I can get pantsed with pride! lols Seriously even though I'm not an adult baby I absolutely love these keep on doing what you're doing I hope this brand never loses its Style. The only thing that would make my experience wearing these awesome underwear even better was if I was born a boy.

      (Sorry if this review seems a bit trollish but I mean every word of it!)

      Great shirt!

      Very happy with my purchase. Good quality and comfortable to wear, and the design is the best kind of silliness!

      T-Rex ToyTrunks - Trunk Briefs (Green)
      Champ the Otter (California)
      Another hit!

      I love these undies! They’re silky soft and super cute design as always. I love that all these undies have a double panel in front. It’s a very nice detail. Thanks for making underwear fun again!

      Super cute!

      Worth every penny. Super comfy shirt and an AMAZINGLY cute design. Can't wait to buy more down the line

      Cool Kid Hoodie (Retro Warm)
      Clunk Russell (Tennessee)
      Cute and Comfy

      This hoodie is super cute and super comfy. It fits really well, and I definitely feel like a cool kid wearing it!

      Keep in mind that while this is warm, soft, and cozy material, it’s not gonna keep out the coldest of cold weather. Even so, the material feels lovely to wear, and it seems to be really sturdy in construction.

      The design is printed and not raised or textured, so the hand of the fabric is soft all around, which is excellent!

      All in all, I love this hoodie so far. Well worth the money to have something quality and cool that also makes me feel adorable :3!

      Cute Lil Undies!

      I absolutely LOVE my trunks! They're super soft and comfortable and definitely make me feel smol!

      Great and cute stickers for your phone

      Despite not being into ABDL, I still think these red panda in a diaper stickers are quite endearing. If only there was an undiapered version for us normies!.

      BIG Friends Shirt - Red Panda
      Anthony Shu (Texas)
      This is a fabulously charming shirt <3

      The shirt is made out of polyester, so not only is it comfortably soft & stretchy, but it's also form-fitting too. I've received many compliments from non-furs and furries alike telling me how adorable the red panda design on the shirt is!

      Cool Kid Hoodie (Fresh Pink)
      Marcus Skoat (Washington)
      Super awesome!

      The hoodie is made out of super comfy material and the artwork on it looks great! thank you tons!

      BIG Friends Shirt - Puppy
      Ryan Finley (Oklahoma)

      The puppy on this shirt is such a cutie!!! I love wearing him around the house and everywhere I go! Never ordered from this company before until now products are awesome. Would definitely recommend!

      Simply Pawsome Hoodie
      AS-EF (South Dakota)
      Looks Like The Pictures Show

      Turned out well, its soft, looks like the pictures show, and would wear it around more often if I could. Friends liked it too and says it looks good on me :3


      I absolutely love these! I went from wearing nothing but boxers to having this be my favourite undies when not crinkling. Will be purchasing more when possible

      Cute and comfy

      It’s Hella cute and so comfy and just discreet enough to wear out in public and no one bats an eye

      Captain Cutie T-Shirt
      Klaus Mattson (Iowa)
      It's me on a shirt!

      Couldn't help myself with this one! My SO calls me captain cutie all the time and even though I haven't worn it yet (saving it for when we're together) I know it's gonna be good cx super soft to the touch as well! Can't wait.

      Subtly Cute!

      This shirt is really soft and comfy, high quality stuff ya know? And the message is decently subtle but still blushy as all get out, I love it!

      BIG Friends Shirt - Tiger
      Blake (Florida)
      Tiger Shirt

      I love my Tiger Big Friends Shirt! It is super soft and I love how the tail goes up over the shoulder like a toddlers animal shirt. It looks fantastic under my shortalls! Thanks for making such a great Tshirt!

      Beyond amazing quality

      Great fit and Cute Design!

      Super comfy and cute and discreet to where only those in the loop will know ;)

      Super cute!

      It’s very comfy and cute, fits well. Perfect for showing off your baby side! I recommend.

      My new Fav shirt.

      This is bar none my fav shirt. It just speaks to me on so many levels! Planning on wearing it to pride later this year, its gonna be so fun! The shading on the pixels is what really seals it for me, really makes it look high quality! Will definitely be purchasing from here again, hopefully soon❤🐻

      Trans' Basket O' Candy Eggs Sports Bra - Candy Pride (Trans)
      R Miller (Georgia)
      Super cute, pretty comfy, flattened my chest

      It’s made of really comfy material and the print quality is great but the compression hides my boobs. I’m transfemme and I was expecting a bit more lift from this bra. I love it otherwise!