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      Pretend Product Reviews ✨

      Based on 105 reviews

      They're super soft and comfortable! I would really reccommend anyone getting them.

      RAWR Pants

      Love the print!, but this cut was a bit too tight for me.

      Too Cute To Stop !

      Looks and wears Great, perfect length !!!!!

      BIG Friends Shirt - Red Panda
      CHARLES BRANCH (Massachusetts)
      Showing my ABDL love Proudly

      Perfect for any Lil gift. Can drink from it openly without getting a second look from a non ABDL.

      Not Enough Cookies T-Shirt
      Kiba wolfpup (Utah)

      such a fun and playful design

      BIG Friends Shirt - Fox
      Kiba wolfpup (Utah)
      Fox Time

      Again this is such a really comfortable shirt

      BIG Friends Shirt - Puppy
      Kiba wolfpup (Utah)
      Husky time

      I absolutely love the shirt it's so comfortable and it It definitely helps me get into my little space

      BIG Friends Stickers - Fox
      ERO (California)

      The stickers are pretty fire not going to lie. Just bought the 2 pack because me and my girlfriend are going to give each other the extra and pair them together. Was planning to put them on my ps4 but I thought of pairing them so that’s what we plan. Not sure how sticky they are but just clean the spot with some rubbing alcohol to where you will apply them and I think they should last a long time. Because I bought them now most of my friends want them. So yea I would suggest this store again. My suggestion… make some more sticker designs and you bet I will come back for more.

      BIG Friends Shirt - Bunny
      Snovy Franz (Kentucky)
      Love the color <3

      Amazing color and one of my favorite things to my wardrobe.

      BIG Friends Shirt - Red Panda
      Snovy Franz (Kentucky)

      Very comfortable shirt! Love the feel and how flexible it feels, very easy to wash too.

      Great desk piece!

      Love this thing a lot! Adds that extra little space I need when gaming or doing adult things at My computer

      Lil Dolphin Bay Splash Shorts
      Snovy Franz (Kentucky)

      They are nice shorts and all but are a Tad small, I ordered it in large to even go up a size and they are still tight on me. I love the design and feel for them but do recommend if you are between 32 to 34 go with a XL.


      Very comfy! Soft to the touch and easy to clean, I wear them every other night when I need that extra Little boost.

      Cool Kid Hoodie (Fresh Pink)
      Telperion (British Columbia)
      Comfy, true to pictures

      Love the hoodie! It's very vibrant, inside of the material is soft. Survived the first wash as well! Looking forward to going out in it as the weather cools down

      BIG Friends Shirt - Puppy
      Stitchie (Ohio)
      Super cute and comfy!

      I love this shirt so much!! It's super cute and the material makes it amazingly comfortable to wear! Plan on buying each design of the shirt :3

      These are great!

      I love the design and the shirt is super comfortable.

      BIG Friends Shirt - Puppy
      Justin Weaver (South Carolina)
      Big friends shirt - husky

      o: lovely material. Very comfortable and stretchy, front and back print is really cool, can be worn either side. 10/10 would buy again ( especially in tank top and underwear prints.)

      Absolutely love it, the material is incredibly soft and the design is absolutely perfect <3

      I very like and very cute!
      I will buy from you again in the future

      BIG Friends Shirt - Fox
      Finn (Washington)
      No tag

      It's a great design and fun. Especially when most designs are all over prints. Love the singular image.

      Plus there's no annoying tag as it can be worn with way

      Mausen pillow case

      Lovely pillow cases these are. A little bit of a squeeze for my pillows but again, I like poof.
      Not sure what I can say about waking up to either mausen or zip staring at my face, I'm usually sleeping on top of them with no pillow or a stuffy under my head.
      Nice and durable material with no zipper.

      Mausens block stickers duvet cover

      Having a colorful way to hide boring duvets is always a plus. mausen and zip make the bed a much more fun and bright place to sleep in, all while consolidating my numerous duvets into one easy blanket. (keep in mind it's really only designed to hold one, I just like poof).

      Save point snuggle

      One of the softest things out there to say the least and I'm glad I got one. Literally goes everywhere in the house.
      Personally I'd like the edges to be finished with a satin bias and more weight but it's softness, size, adorable print and lightness make it super comfortable and very tote-able.

      So Cute!

      I feel so cute with these boxers. There even better with the Littlepawz I have!

      Nice Fit!

      The design is nice. They were a little large but this was intentional on my part. Gotta fit them over the diaper, right?😋