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      Pretend Product Reviews ✨

      Based on 631 reviews

      These are really high quality diapers, with top-tier capacity AND wicking speed. I don't have to worry about leaking from letting go too fast (which is good, as I can't control that anymore). Plus, the fitment, durability, and readjustability is better than most other diapers I've found to date. Way to go, PretendAgain.

      These dips are solid! No leaking and made well.

      Holds a lot and would definitely order more

      These PretendAgain pants look super cute!

      Very good diapers, excellent quality

      Awesome diapers

      New fave pants adorable feels quality and the washing instructions are clear

      Comfy absorbent and very adorable

      It’s so adorable I love this more than anything!! 🥰🥰

      Very cute and comfy diapers will definitely be ordering more soon

      Best adult diapers on the market!

      Pretty good

      these are the absolute softest and cutest diapers available. theyre snuggly and comfortable and very absorbent. they dont leak or sag and it takes a lot for them to get moist. 10/10 i could wear for hours

      Great comforter. Cute design, keeps me really warm. Highly recommend

      Amazing product. Sizing was a little confusing for me and got a medium at first but got the small this time and they fit perfectly.

      Beat for design and feels amazing

      Kid Cosmos - MKIII Hoodie
      Anthony Yovino (Illinois)
      Great hoodie!

      Very cool! soft and very well made!

      Very much love theses Diapers, thick, bulky and Cloth-back style. Incredibly unique.

      Bad: Tabs too small, Feels like a small size than correct Size. (Company Disrespected my Order gave me Medium instead Large) . The body structure of the diaper NEEDs to Be fixed badly. (Gave me a Cut and redness groin area) Wrapping the Diaper in the front Needs to be Longer also (Connection to the Diaper tabs)
      Customer service was Poor, which affects the rating on here.

      Rating: 2.5/5

      The best and cutest on the market, and their customer service is second to none!

      I've tried a few dizen different kinds, this one is by far my new favorite

      So my first pack from them( this is my second) had all the characters and 2 diapers for each character this time I got 3 Jax which is the best considering he’s the best #teamjax. But overall the quality of these diapers are still second to none and the tapes I love them with the normal tapes it’s a one stuck ya done type deal you can take them off and stick tighter to readjust but with the Velcro type design it allows you to do it as much as you might need. Overall 5 out of 5

      Item arrived quickly, excellent quality, amazing customer support. 5/5, would order again.

      These diapers are my new favourite and performed beyond my expectations. Amazing tapes, super soft, adorable wetness indicator.

      These are awesome and the sizing is awesome thank you so much!!!

      I’ve ordered several times before with this store. I still love the product and overall quality. Normally shipping is fast and reliable but for some reason this time shipping was super slow. Took them over 10 days to ship out. I contacted customer support twice. First time not very helpful but the second time was extremely helpful. The company still gets a five star from me as I know things do happen.