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      Pretend Product Reviews ✨

      Based on 235 reviews

      Not Enough Cookies T-Shirt

      Great quality print and very comfortable!

      2nd shirt, they’re really good quality and fit, definitely will buy more! (You should too)

      Waiting for winter’s cold touch

      I haven’t worn it yet, but the time isn’t right! The wind must be chilly and snow covers the ground in a blanket for the words to ring true. Don’t want to be a liar, do I?

      So soft!

      The games t-shirt is perfect for gaming in the evenings. I have yet to wear the other shirt I got but I will wait until it gets colder.

      The Best Shirt I Bought

      The material and texture of the shirt was so soft and the perfect weight to be comfortable, along with the tightness as well. The design is God-Tier and I would wear it everywhere if I got the chance to.

      So cute, soft, and comfy!

      And it fits nicely!

      Soft and comfortable

      Very comfortable and cute underwear, love them!

      Cute and comfortable

      Very cute tee and comfortable fit!

      Cute and comfortable

      Very cute tee and comfortable fit!

      1st PretendAgain Product

      PretendAgain was one of the first few ageplay brands I took interest in within the ABDL sphere. I love how unapologetic the prints and designs are and how vibrant the colours are on them. After Quite a bit of apprehension - and bidding time and money, I finally decided to make my first purchase!

      The shirt when it came in was great! The sizing was good and the material was comfy and reflected the images on the site. It would have been nice to have at least an estimated arrival time given, but the wait was not an issue at all. I'd say it was good, as I was able to show it off at a local playdate month! Yay me!

      That's it... it's a short review, but I got what I wanted!😅 I'd really like to see more accessories and perhaps consideration for a distributor in Canada (prices are getting rough😭). Beyond that, I'm very happy with what I got and I'm considering what I'll get next!

      OMG I love it

      Love my new gear love it wanna buy more from them

      Very cute

      I love this hoodie with the Iion and everything. It's so cute, you will definitely turn heads

      Gamer Party 2 - (Team Rawr) Audience Shirt
      Christopher Tolbert (Michigan)
      Great quality

      This is a high quality shirt and is so soft and I would recommend it. Love the designs.

      Gamer Party 2 - Player 3 (Team Pupper) - All-Over Print Hoodie

      Awesomely Cute!

      They looked great and are amazing quality. My little one loved them so much and looked so cute in them!

      Keep in Diapers "Lifestyle ABDL" Sticker (1 Pack)
      てつや 田代 (Tokyo)

      Keep in Diapers "Lifestyle ABDL" Sticker (1 Pack)

      Quite nice material and a high quality print. Not sure I'd wear this outside, but good for casual little times.

      From Ruu

      Ofc i love it so so much, look at my baby fashion, but still looking lit imo

      Amazing shirt!

      The shirt is perfect for warm weather due to it being made of cotton, and it definitely helps me feel comfy while diapered up! It also helps you cool down for when you have some of those heated gaming sessions that leave you feeling like a furnace.

      No more game pausing when you're wearing this shirt! It's awesome, and you'll definitely be the most pog gamer while wearing it!

      Very comfy and cute

      I love these. They fit well and make me feel little.

      Cuddly Constellations Comforter
      D.W.M. (Pennsylvania)
      Wonderful Comforter

      I love the artwork-print on this comforter. I bought this with two other items (pillowcases) and I did not regret buying this. It has the right amount of fluff that makes it comfortable to snuggle under after a hard day's work. The sewing job could be better, because some of the threads did fray after a single washing and drying cycle. I also had to rely on the French instructions since the English instructions were sewn over by the two layers. But, overall, this was a wonderful purchase.

      Beautiful Pillowcase

      I adore the artwork-print that is on this pillow design. Overall, nothing to complain about. This was what I wanted and is great.

      Beautiful But with A Tear

      It is a nice pillowcase design that I adore, along with the beautiful artwork-print on it. Fits perfectly with the new pillow I also got at the same time. However, it was torn slightly along the seam on one of the sides. Nothing too erroneous, a simple sewing machine job would fix it easily.

      An Amazingly cute design!

      This shirt was an amazingly cute! I got lots of compliments from other ABDLs! Would and WILL buy from here again!

      Soft and comfortable

      Probably the most comfortable underwear I've ever worn. Highly recommended!