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      How Common Is ABDL In The World?

      Who is ABDL? Is ABDL Common? - PretendAgain
      ABDL's are in all careers, demographics and span the globe. ABDL is a large sub-community that has managed to cultivate families of normative acceptance around the lifestyle. So, then how common is ABDL in the world?...

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      Tips for ABDL "Play" When You Can't Go Outside

      Tips for ABDL "Play" When You Can't Go Outside - PretendAgain
      Between the endless inside recess, the six millionth video loop on your phone, and just dying for your next change to have something to do, we believe you can find a way to go play! Below are some handy tips for your next PretendAdventure...

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      Let Pretenders Speak For Us!

      55 reviews
      She loved it OwO

      Mommy 100% loved this mug <3 it makes us both smile so much whenever I see her drinking out of it!!! Thank youu!


      perfect tea mug. 10/10

      Fast shipping and beautiful!!

      Omg this is so beautiful. I absolutely love it. It was a birthday gift for me and it's perfect!! I'm in love with it and now I can pretend I'm a Big Kid too.

      Did you set it to wumbo?

      Picked up the biggest size they had,
      Fits my desk just purrrfectly.
      Very colorful and nice mousepad texture.
      Patterns are a plus~
      Well done~

      Great for Espresso/Americanos

      Love this thing so much! It's super cute, looks just like the picture! It keeps my iced americanos cold for hours.