🚨 Important Update! 🚨

Unexpected space phenomenon are forcing the crew to leave port and head to sea! The TryAgains Diapers International Launch will be paused while we solve some mysteries.

TryAgains Diapers orders to countries other than the US and Canada paused at 10am Pacific/GMT-7 on Saturday, July 13, 2024. Please note this pause will not impact shipping costs when we resume the experiment. All orders placed before the pause time will be fulfilled.

Are TryAgains Diapers Shipping Internationally?

Yes! We are pleased to make TryAgains Diapers available for purchase to the following regions for a limited time:

  • The European Union (EEA)
  • The United Kingdom
  • Mexico
  • Japan
  • Australia
  • South Korea

And of course, we are still offering TryAgains in the United States and Canada.

What about [country of choice]?

We hear you! Our customer service team is tracking the requests for TryAgains Diapers and using this information to help us share the TryAgains magic where folks are wanting it most! We are always listening and looking for new regions to bring TryAgains to. If your country has not launched, don't fret - we hope to expand as our inventory allows, since no one wants to get waitlisted. (You ever tell a kid they have to wait for more toys to come into the store? Yeah, no fun.)

How Does International Shipping Work?

It's pretty straightforward - simply order your TryAgains Diapers and enter your address. The shipping charges, taxes, and duties will be calculated and collected at checkout. We do not mark up these charges in any way.

We're running the international option as part of a series of small experiments to help us with decisions in the future. Please feel free to let us know your thoughts and share your feedback with our customer service team.

What about VAT, Duties, Import, Customs Charges, etc?

We will collect and remit VAT, Duties, Import Charges, etc. at the time of sale. For orders outside of the US and Canada, we have engaged with a partner, Global-e, who will handle this for you. There is no charge beyond the purchase of your diapers! This means your diapers should show up with minimal hassle.

How Much is Shipping?

It will vary based on how many diapers you order and where you are ordering to. Shipping costs are controlled by the carriers and any savings with each carrier are passed along to you at the time of sale. If your order is returned to us, we can re-ship it to you for the cost of shipping.

We pass the cost of shipping through to you, and we do not generate revenue from marking up shipping.

What will the name on the shipping label show as the shipper?

It will show as Global-e or PretendAgain. Most likely, Global-e.

Can I Return or Exchange an International Order?

No. Double check your size and quantity before you click purchase! We cannot guarantee any VAT, Duties, etc. can be refunded or adjusted onto another purchase, so please be sure to put the right toys in your cart!

Will non-Diaper Items Ship Separately?

Just as they do in the US and Canada, yes.

Are you Offering TryAgains Diapers Through a Local Retailer to me?

We are offering TryAgains Diapers exclusively through PretendAgain's website at this time. Who knows what the future holds? 

I Have More Questions!

Breathe! Relax! Then check our General TryAgains Diapers FAQ!