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      Caden wants to play this weird instrument but doesn't know how!

      What are TryAgains Diapers? Why did you make them?

      TryAgains are a brand new diaper brought to you by PretendAgain! As passionate ageplayers ourselves, we can be pretty picky about diapers, so we spent a long time making sure we could make the diaper of our dreams and are happy to bring it to you to enjoy! In short, TryAgains are diapers we made because we couldn't find something on the market that really spoke to us!

      What sizes are TryAgains in? What is the fit/cut?

      TryAgains come in three sizes:

      • Medium (28"-36"/71cm-92cm)
      • Large (36"-48"/92cm-122cm)
      • X-Large (48"-56"/122cm-142cm)

      The fit is similar to that of other brands on the market, such as Tykables.

      Are TryAgains eligible for HSA/FSA claims?

      Check our Ordering FAQ for this information!

      Will you be making other sizes, such as small or XXL?

      We do not have plans to make additional sizes at this time, sorry.

      What is the capacity of a TryAgains diaper?

      7500 mL. Yes, that's enough. The grown-ups told us so.

      What quantities can I buy TryAgains in?

      You can buy diapers in bags of 10 or cases of 40!

      Can I order a split-size case?

      We are not able to offer split-size cases at this time. If this changes, we will post an announcement to our social media channels and share the news in our newsletter, so be sure to subscribe!

      Which character designs are in each bag?

      A mix! You will get at least one of each character in each bag, and most likely two per bag! 

      Are you shipping to Canada, the EU, Asia, Mexico, or outside of North America?

      TryAgains are currently available exclusively in the United States and Canada. Making sure everyone who wants to order TryAgains can order them is a priority for us. This means ensuring the regions where TryAgains are available are fully stocked before we can consider expanding to any other regions for shipping. We want to be sure you can have the fun experience with TryAgains you deserve!

      Can I purchase TryAgains with a non-US/Canada form of payment and ship to an address within the US/Canada?

      No, sorry. While this was possible in the past, baddies came and ruined it for everyone. Orders placed on non-US/Canadian cards for TryAgains are not available.

      Will you be selling through another ABDL store such as NRU, CDTC, etc.?

      TryAgains are currently only available exclusively through PretendAgain.com. 

      Where are you shipping TryAgains from?

      We have partnered with Littles Fullfillment by Tykables for shipping. Your order will ship out of a Tykables facility, ensuring you have a great shipping experience. PretendAgain is ready to provide you with our legendary customer service whenever the need arises should your TryAgains need help getting to you, or you encounter any issues!

      Who designed TryAgains?

      We did, with our in-house artist, Ozzy! TryAgains launched development in 2021 and was worked on for over two years! It took a team of seven to ensure every detail is as magical as possible. 

      Ozzy's artist signature


      Are you offering wholesale options for TryAgains?

      For simplicity’s sake, we are currently only selling direct to our customers. You can submit your interest for wholesale by completing this form (→). We will be in touch in the future.