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      ★ Reviews

      Let Pretenders Speak For Us!

      60 reviews
      Very adorable

      These fit so well!!!!

      Supper cute!!!

      These fit so well and are supper cute!!!

      Super cute design

      I love these undies. I’m slowly collecting more colors and this is the second pair I’ve bought. They stay vibrant even after several washes and are great to wear when I just wanna look big for whatever reason. The design covers the whole garment, even with a little accent strip between the legs. A+!

      Who needs pants when you’ve got fruit dragons on yer bum?

      These undies may be lime but they definitely won’t leave you sour! They are so soft and cute, I want to wear them all the time! They run larger than the toy boxers and have a nice wide cut in the crotch, so they’re actually perfect as a cover for my secret space pants!

      Basically, they’re the most comfortable undies ever so get you a pair PRONTO!!

      Great for adventures!

      More satisfying than an ice cream sandwich! This is such a fun backpack. I love this for my little adventures even if it’s just to go to the basement. The bag holds my laptop, diapers, everything I need. Very well made plus it’s got fun little details hidden in the design (you’ll have to find out yourself!). Definitely a great purchase!