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Yellow Pants for a Yellow Puppy!

These pants are so comfy I haven't wanted to wear anything else! The colors are so vibrant and admittly I've worn them so much I've already washed them 3 times. Don’t forget after you wash them, hang dry to keep the colors and fabric at their best! i may get a few more pairs. ^_^


These PretendAgain pants look super cute!

Liam Roybal (Texas)
Gift for a friend

I gifted these to my close friend, and he never wants to take them off. He says he loves the style, finds them very comfortable, and is glad they have pockets

Z.W. (Florida)
So comfy and just too darn cute

I was on the fence with these due to not really owning any kind of abdl clothing outside of padding, but these were just too darn cute and Jax is my favorite of the bunch. I took the shot, got the UwU variant, and just couldn't stop smiling knowing that the pants were on there way! When they came in I was super surprised with how comfortable they are! These are by far the best pajama bottoms I have owned, and I always reach for these to wear when I am lounging about the home. I have had friends inform me how cute they are, and even my partner finds them cute. The only reason why I am not giving this a 5 star rating is due to the drawstring coming out after the first time it went into the wash and dryer. Not sure where it went, pretty sure the dryer gremlins got a hold of it, but the pants are a good fit where the drawstring is not needed. I would easily recommend this product to anyone looking to get some fun, comfortable, and adorable clothing!