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      Love. Color. ~ Black History Month (2021)

      We're proud to give the kiddos in the ageplay community something they can wear to express their support for BHM/BLM and solidarity with BIPOC persons, ageplayer or not. Designed by our BIPOC team members to celebrate Black History Month and the Black Lives Matter movement!
      Love. Color. (BHM 2021) T-Shirt - PretendAgain Love. Color. (BHM 2021) T-Shirt - PretendAgain
      Love. Color. Shine. (BHM 2021) Hat - PretendAgain Love. Color. Shine. (BHM 2021) Hat - PretendAgain

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      Let Pretenders Speak For Us!

      46 reviews

      Usually don't write these but hey. Truthfully I initially got it to only wear at cons but it's so cozy that I'm actually wearing it around home. Great quality, really comfy, and LOVE the snaps with it. That was an amazing idea.

      Favorite mug

      Whether it’s my morning coffee or some warm milk before bed, this it my go-to mug. So cute and I don’t even own a sippy cup lol.

      Cute and comfy

      I love these! They're really cute and comfy and make me feel like a pup again. ^\\^

      So comfy!

      I love my new undies! They're cute, super comfortable, and help me feel small. I'm definitely going to be buying some more soon

      So Comfy

      I love the look and feel of the t-shirt. The design being from one of my favorite artists is also a plus.