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      Take Care of Your Toys! 🧽

      Need to know how? We have Care & Cleaning Instructions right here!

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      Josie Wails (Illinois)
      Love it and super quick shipping!

      I absolute adore this shirt. Very comfy material. My only (minor) complaint is that it’s long so it does kind of hide my “funderwear” 🥺😆 but that can come in handy for staying tucked when discretion is needed. Can’t wait to order again. I’m thinking cookie thief and some bedding is in order 🥰

      ImaginePup (Illinois)
      Ridiculously Adorable!

      Okay, when this shirt arrived, it IMMEDIATELY became one of my new favorites! It's made out of super soft material, the print isn't too heavy or rough (for all my sensory kiddos out there) and the colors are bold and vivid. As far as the fit goes, I'm 5'5" and 125 lbs. Chest, tummy, sleeves, and neck all fit very well, almost roomy. The length is a little long (long enough to cover my big poofy diaper butt) though it certainly sports it's own diaper, so I don't really *have* to show mine 😜 Whether you're looking to make a bold statement out and about, light up a party, or just feel cute and cozy at home, look no further than this shirt!

      Daleo Star (Ohio)
      Hella Adorable

      Enough said. We need more bab clothing this cute.

      Jesse Theiss (Texas)
      Comfy & Cute!

      <3 This shirt is incredibly cute and comfortable.

      Jerome Schlicker (New York)
      Love Fit & Feel

      I love this cool t-shirt. It's very comfortable