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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 4 reviews
      Anthony Yovino (Illinois)
      Great hoodie!

      Very cool! soft and very well made!

      limo (North Brabant)
      Great hoodie!

      This hoodie is actually amazing, the print is very high quality, only thing i have to comment about it is that it's a little thinner than i expected, but that's not necessarily a bad thing, means you can wear it in hotter environments.

      defo recommend!

      John Wilkes Booth (Alberta)

      Completely agreed with Bob from Colorado. Just adding some photos for reference.

      Bob (Colorado)
      It's a great hoodie!

      This hoodie is not your garden variety. The hoodie material is interesting, made from mostly recycled material definitely gives it a different feel. It is snugly warm and would recommend it to anyone for the cooler seasons of the year. A couple of things to note, the material is not stretchy and I would recommend heeding the fitment advice and go a size up. I did this and this hoodie fits great on me. I have long arms and love the long sleeves. The details are great and I love esthetic. The hood drawstrings are thick and the metal ends are weighty and appear of high quality. Pull over hoodies are the best! Wearing it reminds me of Saturday morning cartoons and a simpler time. I can't way to see what else PA has in store for this clothing line.