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Customer Reviews

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Abigail Moriarty (Texas)
Very cute, smaller than expected

There's so much that's obvious to love about this backpack, and all of its pretty clear just by looking at it, so to temper a soul or two, what needs to be said that this is a canvas backpack, and it's not quite as big as some lunatics might hope. So while it's perfect as an accessory, trying to use it for everyday affairs isn't going to pan out for most.

Alexander Peixoto (Ontario)
Great diaper bag

It’s an awesome everyday bag for little gear an diapers and is super cute

G (Virginia)
Too cute

Perfect little backpack for feeling little.

Kayley (Georgia)
Adorable and Functional

This is my work bag. It gives me feelings like I'm going back to school. There is so much space! I can fit everything I need inside with room to spare!
It allows me to be little covertly too.