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      Take Care of Your Toys! 🧽

      Need to know how? We have Care & Cleaning Instructions right here!

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 2 reviews
      Brian (Illinois)
      Favorite T-Shirt!!!!!

      I love this shirt!!!! The colors are awesome! The material is so soft and comfortable. The character design is stink’n cute! Also, I can wear this shirt out when I have to ‘adult’ and no one knows!

      Ivan Koopa (South Dakota)
      Amazing shirt!

      The shirt is perfect for warm weather due to it being made of cotton, and it definitely helps me feel comfy while diapered up! It also helps you cool down for when you have some of those heated gaming sessions that leave you feeling like a furnace.

      No more game pausing when you're wearing this shirt! It's awesome, and you'll definitely be the most pog gamer while wearing it!