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      PretendAgain News — TryAgains Playwear

      NEW! - TryAgains Learn & PlayWear!

      NEW! - TryAgains Learn & PlayWear!

      TryAgains Learn & PlayWear!

      Available Worldwide 

      Caden, Tuffy, Osito, Jax, and Devin can't wait to DIVE INTO FUN! Whether you want a hand decoding clues with Caden, tackling tricky number puzzles with Osito, boogieing your way through a wild obstacle course with Devin, getting artsy and painting a memory map with Jax, or even doing some super sneaky door-breaking with Tuffy, this dynamic team is all set to make your adventure unforgettable!

      With the snazzy new TryAgains Playwear, you get to sport your absolute favorite learning buddy in style around the world!

      PlayWear Comes In Two Choices!

      Incognito & Standard

      ~ We heard YOU! ~ Your responses were both heartfelt and detailed! Due to your influence, we have designed and purposely expanded (Doubled) your choices! 💜

      Select a style to match your taste!

      • Incognito Edition: Clothing items DON'T HAVE visible diapers or TryAgains logos and are a little less obviously ABDL, but you'll still say "OwO!" when you see one on the street.

      • Standard Edition: Clothing items HAVE visible diapers and TryAgains logos, bringing a blush and "UwU" to your face. 

      Scroll The Incognito Lineup Below!

      Note: TryAgains logos were removed from the Incognito OwO design files after the photo shoot).

      TryAgains Playwear - PretnedAgain - All-Over-Print-Shirts

      TryAgains Playwear - PretendAgain - Gamer Pants

      Caden The Dragon

      Caden - TryAgains Playwear - All-Over-Print T-Shirt

      Caden - TryAgains PlayWear - Gamer Pants

      Tuffy The Mouse

      Tuffy - TryAgains PlayWear - All-Over-Print T-shirt

      Tuffy - TryAgains PlayWear - Gamer Pants

      Osito The Bear

      Osito - TryAgains PlayWear - All-Over-Print T-shirt

      Osito - TryAgains PlayWear - Gamer Pants

      Jax The Corgi

      Jax - TryAgains PlayWear - All-Over-Print T-shirt

      Jax - TryAgains PlayWear - Gaming Pants

      Devin The Koala

      Devin - TryAgains PlayWear - All-Over-Print T-shirt Devin - TryAgains PlayWear - Gamer Pants

      View TryAgains PlayWear Collection

      Coming Up!

      • TryAgains Diapers XL is expected to be available in Late November!
      • The PretendAgain team is working to expand and ship TryAgains Diapers to Canada
      • MORE New Clothing arriving in time for the 2023 holidays! 

      Need to Stock Up On Diapers?

      Shop TryAgains Diapers while supplies last!