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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews
      D.W.M. (Pennsylvania)
      Wonderful Comforter

      I love the artwork-print on this comforter. I bought this with two other items (pillowcases) and I did not regret buying this. It has the right amount of fluff that makes it comfortable to snuggle under after a hard day's work. The sewing job could be better, because some of the threads did fray after a single washing and drying cycle. I also had to rely on the French instructions since the English instructions were sewn over by the two layers. But, overall, this was a wonderful purchase.

      Florian Einerhand (North Rhine-Westphalia)
      Good soft comforter

      I have had the Comforter for a few days now and have not experienced any significant problems. The Comforter did not cause any allergic reactions. It holds me and is very comfortable. The processing is so far okay, nice to see that they have made an effort there.

      B. (California)
      SO fluffy!!

      Okay so im a huge one for issues with sensitivities on materials, and im really really really in love with this its become my favoritest blanket to sleep on, I can't wait for the pillowcases to arrive.