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      After deep, introspective thought and brushing the animal cracker crumbs off your lap, have you come to the ultimate conclusion that your ageplay desires are here to stay? Read on!

      Are you a skilled artist who can’t get enough of ageplay? Do you enjoy drawing in the careful details of a crinkled leakguard? Does your car have pencils and plushies all over the floor? 

      PretendAgain needs artists like you! It takes a lot of time, skill, work, flexibility, passion, and dedication when building dreams, so our artists are passionate about making the journey and staying dedicated to the magic of creating new ways to pretend!


      • Coordinating with team members in regular meetings to assess and determine art needs, from creation to publishing of work.
      • Leading creative efforts in product design, creation, testing, and development.
      • Coordinating projects to establish timelines, delivery dates, and scope for assigned tasks.
      • Timely delivery of work requests using agile work practices.
      • Revising art and product design through continuous feedback in collaboration with team members to ensure designs meet established company standards.
      • Assist with company projects requiring creative thinking and solutions.


      In addition to strong creative skills, PretendAgain artists are organized, detail-oriented, and able to work under deadlines using agile practices. PretendAgain artists work independently, but also collaborate with other teams! Below are a list of requirements to be successful in this role:

      • Exceptional skill in drawing both furry and human character art across a variety of styles, appearances, and mediums (virtual or real), which should be visible in a portfolio.
      • At least 3 years of experience as a freelance artist, full-time artist for a company, or equivalent.
      • Strong flexibility/schedule availability, coordinated with supervisor.
      • Strong ability to take criticism on designs and incorporate feedback to improve assigned work.
      • Must be a babyfur, diaperfur, ABDL, or ageplayer.
      • Experience with startups is strongly preferred.
      • Vector art skill is preferred.
      • Basic experience with Adobe Photoshop. 
      • Experience with Adobe Illustrator is preferred.
      • Experience with Atlassian tools such as Jira and Confluence is preferred.
      • Stable, high-speed internet access. (Suggested: 50-100mbps down/30 mbps up).
      • Please put the password “evil sheep” somewhere in your application email. Congratulations on your eye for detail! 
      • A functioning webcam capable of at least 720p (FHD) resolution video at 30 frames per second.
      • Fluent English skills.


      Want to help make the dream? It comes with perks! Check out just some of what you get by joining our team!

      • A full Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, which you can also use for your own personal growth and experiments!
      • Unlimited time off, subject to team coordination to ensure continued coverage of duties between team members.
      • Access to our excellent employee discount for most PretendAgain products!

      How to Apply

      Want to help build DreamWorld? Let’s go! Send the following to resume@pretendagain.com:

      • Your resume.
      • A link to your portfolio showing your best pieces you think demonstrate your skill, breadth of ability to draw both furry/human characters, and understanding/expression of ageplay.
      • A response to this question: What do you wish the ABDL community had more of or did better and how do you think you’d contribute to those ideas?
      • Anything else you feel is relevant to your application.

      Questions? Hit us up at the email listed above! We are excited to hear from you!