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      How can I order stuff from you?

      It’s super easy! Go to www.pretendagain.com and start shopping!

      Do you ship to a specific country?

      Check our Shipping FAQ for more details about shipping.

      What methods of payment do you accept?

      Credit cards from Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. We also accept G Pay and Apple Pay. We do not accept cash, checks, Discover card, or other payment methods.

      Do you offer refunds?

      No. We make each item to order, and as such we are unable to offer refunds for any reason. Once you have confirmed your order, there’s no turning back! (But really, why would you?)

      Do you offer exchanges?

      Yes, we can exchange your order items for the same order items if they arrive damaged, misprinted, or in poor condition. We cannot offer exchanges due to incorrect sizing, selected options being incorrect, address/delivery problems, or other human errors - this is because each item is made to order.

      What if my item can't be delivered?

      Check our Shipping FAQ for information. It's a great read and talks about shipping problems and such.

      Can I change my address after ordering?

      It depends on if we've started processing your order. Reach out and check, but we can't promise a change can be made, so double check your order!

      Why does it take a few days for my order to process and ship?

      As a small business we are always looking to keep our costs down and one way is to limit our inventory we have idle. Instead of inventory, we make your order just for you! You’ll get the freshest materials and newest "item smells" this way!

      Can I order something for a friend?

      Yes, but be nice to your friend and let them know first. We are unable to offer refunds for refused shipments and no one likes to waste money. If an order is refused for delivery we can look into having it routed to you for the cost of adjusting/shipping charges imposed by the shipping carriers.

      Can I place an order by phone?

      Yes, you can order using your mobile phone any time! Our site is both mobile and desktop friendly.

      No really, can I call you to order?

      No. As we are a small company right now, we cannot offer phone support. We actually DO read our emails all the time, though, so if you email us you’ll hear back no later than 24 hours (and usually a LOT faster than that).

      Can I place an order by fax?

      No. It's the 2020s now.

      ★ Reviews

      Let Pretenders Speak For Us!

      61 reviews

      They fit perfectly, look great, and are surprisingly warm and comfortable.

      Very adorable

      These fit so well!!!!

      Supper cute!!!

      These fit so well and are supper cute!!!

      Super cute design

      I love these undies. I’m slowly collecting more colors and this is the second pair I’ve bought. They stay vibrant even after several washes and are great to wear when I just wanna look big for whatever reason. The design covers the whole garment, even with a little accent strip between the legs. A+!

      Who needs pants when you’ve got fruit dragons on yer bum?

      These undies may be lime but they definitely won’t leave you sour! They are so soft and cute, I want to wear them all the time! They run larger than the toy boxers and have a nice wide cut in the crotch, so they’re actually perfect as a cover for my secret space pants!

      Basically, they’re the most comfortable undies ever so get you a pair PRONTO!!