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      Love. Color. ~ Black History Month (2021)

      We're proud to give the kiddos in the ageplay community something they can wear to express their support for BHM/BLM and solidarity with BIPOC persons, ageplayer or not. Designed by our BIPOC team members to celebrate Black History Month and the Black Lives Matter movement!

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      Let Pretenders Speak For Us!

      70 reviews
      Gay Crayons Shirt (Toy Pride - 2021)
      CubbyCustard (Washington)
      One of my favorite play shirts by far!

      I wear the shirt as often as possible, as soon as it comes out of the wash it gets dirty all over again! I’m a big fan of your products, and I love how they make me feel all cozy and little πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

      Token the Lucky Kitty T-Shirt
      ImaginePup (Illinois)
      Ridiculously Adorable!

      Okay, when this shirt arrived, it IMMEDIATELY became one of my new favorites! It's made out of super soft material, the print isn't too heavy or rough (for all my sensory kiddos out there) and the colors are bold and vivid. As far as the fit goes, I'm 5'5" and 125 lbs. Chest, tummy, sleeves, and neck all fit very well, almost roomy. The length is a little long (long enough to cover my big poofy diaper butt) though it certainly sports it's own diaper, so I don't really *have* to show mine 😜 Whether you're looking to make a bold statement out and about, light up a party, or just feel cute and cozy at home, look no further than this shirt!

      SO fluffy!!

      Okay so im a huge one for issues with sensitivities on materials, and im really really really in love with this its become my favoritest blanket to sleep on, I can't wait for the pillowcases to arrive.

      Cub Explorers Blanket
      Anonymous (Madrid)
      The softest and cutest blanket ever

      First at all I want to thank you to pretendagain's team for their support during the purchase and the shipment. They are the kindest store I've bought on and totally recommended. About the blanket its very big and incredibly soft, not to mention the cute design which has my favorite character from the store, Osito. I do also recommend to wash it with the eco program or the delicate's program from the washing machine because that would help it last longer since washing it in the standard program can make it lost some of the litter fibers that make it feel so soft and creates the image. So you can get an idea of the size, the snorlax is 1,5 meters. Also, Snorky said that is very comfy heheh ^w^

      Night Jumps - Nap Time - Pajama Pants
      C Baker (North Carolina)
      Adorable and comfy!

      Adorably awesome pants. Would probably size up next time but still super comfy and adorable